Friday, 10 June 2011

It's been a while.....

Hi all,

Well it's been an interesting 6 weeks since I last updated my blog. I haven't been on here as I lost 60% of my vision overnight.....scary!

Fortunately it is starting to come back, but it seems very difficult to keep my vision focused (very frustrating when trying to make cards!)

Anyway, after a holiday to Florida I am back and making my cards as and when the vision allows.

Do crafts have released 'tatty teddy' stamps, which me and my daughter absolutely adore. We have been trying to be a little bit more adventuous with our colours and designs, but the feedback from relatives has been great. It was my sister in laws birthday last weekend and I put together something a little different:-


I am aiming now to try and start some form of crafting business. I am contacting suppliers and investigating anything and everything to do with business start ups. It would be so nice to have a career round something I love so watch this space!

Happy crafting


  1. That thing with your vision sounds really scary - do the docs know what is causing it? I sometimes lose some vision with migraines but it's always short-lived and that's scary enough.

    The cards do look lovely, and I hope the crafting business takes off. It's hard work & long hours but so rewarding!

    I love the tatty teddy images too!

  2. Hi Wendy, currently I am a medical mystery! I am waiting for an MRI to try and diagnose the problem, but I'm not hopeful. As long as it keeps coming back slowly I'll be happy.

    I am reviewing lots of business options, but I hope to start something sooner rather than later