Friday, 19 July 2013

It's getting hot in here....

I am sat in the office at the minute feeling like I'm going to melt... I'm sure it's about 40 degrees in here and the desk fan is in the other room cooling the shop down!

So we're finally getting a beautifully hot Summer (perfectly timed for my birthday tomorrow!!) and I'm here making a start on my Christmas Cards. When there's about 200 to make, you've gotta start early:

I've been asked to make some small 'cheapies' to sell in batches, so these are working out perfect. Simple yet elegant...not cheap looking at all!

I decided on this design after playing with some of the new Stampin Up! stamps...

What do you think of these?:-


There is a fourth stamp in the collection, but I haven't had time to finish that one this space....

Happy Crafting

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