Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What to do with the kids this Easter....

I've been planning some crafty days for the kids and for a potential visit to a Boys Brigade Group. Is it just me, or is it often difficult to think of things to keep those little monsters occupied for more than 5 minutes!?!

I've scheduled 3 drop in days for the Easter Holidays, where the kids can make and Easter Card, personalised Bookmark and a Pillowbox Owl. (The dates are available on the website www.pinkpigcrafts.co.uk)

As I've been playing with Bookmark ideas today, I thought I'd share a couple. These focus on what the boys like:-

....and for those of you that were wondering what a pillowbox owl was:-

...isn't he cute! All the pieces to make this owl are punches, which makes it nice and easy to put together!

It's been a nice change to card making, but I feel I must now return to normality and get back to my passion.

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